In Remembrance

Custom gift portraits commemorating the life of a person who has passed away.

What It Is

“In Remembrance” is a project started and sponsored by Joanna Marie. It was created to benefit a family or special friend when a loved one has passed away. Joanna Marie will take “Special Elections” (see further info below), and on the basis of the information given, will draw or paint an original piece of artwork of the one who has passed away, to be presented to the family/loved ones. This is a donation project, no payment is required for the creation or sending of the artwork.

How It Works

Special Elections can be requested below.

Bible Verses, poetry, and quotes are optional to be integrated into the artwork.

The Artwork

Medium and size will be determined by the artist unless elector has a special request.




Acrylic Paint
Watercolor Paint
Colored Pencil