December, a month of cocoa, presents, twinkling lights, and extra special moments with family and friends. I always have something artistic going on, so let’s take a peek at what the month of December, 2018 had in store!

Christmas Commissions & Gifts

I just love Christmas! For so many reasons, but especially for the gift giving. That is definitely one of my top love languages!

Being able to create something special for someone to gift to another person is just an amazing experience every time. Here are three art pieces I did through this December, on the right is a commissioned gift and the bottom two are ones I gifted myself.

‘Jaguar’ in Pen & Ink


‘Stallion’ in Acrylic


Nailing it!

I love Nicole Byer as well as Netflix’s “Nailed It!” show, so I just had to show some extra Christmas love with this, affectionately titled Christmas Cupcake Queen.

You can get your own custom Sugar Hair portrait for just $50! 

Exciting and a Little Scary…

So I’m planning to apply for funding through Creative Capital in February and have been mulling over several potential art themes to explore for a series. I eventually turned it over to my fans on Facebook and Instagram. I was stuck between an art series exploring the stories of female veterans and one dedicated to mothers of infant/pregnancy loss. 

Mothers of infant loss was the winner (though only by a small margin!), so that’s the project I’m planning to pitch. Even if this funding does not come through, I’m planning to seek out other options as well, because it is definitely a project I feel really passionate about, and one I think is pretty important.

Favorite new memes

Ok so I love memes and gifs, so I thought I’d leave you with a couple of my favorites from December! What’s your favorite gif or meme? Drop me a note in the comments or by email!


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